Cruiser Go-Kart. Detailed mechanical construction built for first person view. The model is constructed modularly from blueprints with a high degree of accuracy. A modular process was used so that components can be swapped out depending on the track surface type, player configuration, or race engine limitation. The materials were authored for PBR using the specular workflow.

  • Chassis 32,000 triangles - 4k material
  • Body kit 3,400 triangles - 2k material
  • Tyres (slick + wet) 3000 triangles per 4 tyes - 2k material
  • Steering wheel + data loggers approximately 1700 triangles per item - 2k material
  • X30 Engine 12,000 triangles - 2k material
  • GX160 Engine 9,000 triangles - 2k material

  • Note: Engine high-poly models were purchased for the client. After significant clean-up, they were retopologised, detailed, decimated, then baked.