HK tactical MP5. This project's brief was a modular firearm designed for reconfiguration and future expansion. The asthetic was for a hyper-real, battle damaged mp5 that had been used by special forces. The weapon is a first person model that was also designed for use in cinematic and promotional artwork, thus a more mid-poly approach was taken to the model topology, with paticular relevance to the optic.

The material was authored for PBR using Quixel Suite and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. The tactical version of the model is comprised of six materials.

  • Reciever + lower 4k - 13,000 tri
  • Stock 2k - 5,200 tri
  • Magazine 2k - 6,200 tri (two magazines, couple, two rounds)
  • Handguard and torch 2k - 2,400 tri
  • Optic mount 2k - 3,400 tri
  • Optic 2k - 21,000 tri